Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

This beautiful Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board is all you need for a hassle-free, romantic and delicious brunch! Pair it with your favorite cocktail and enjoy the day!

What is Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie boards are the best! I love making them because they are pretty and I can get creative with the ingredients.

Charcuterie boards are usually made with cheeses and deli meat. But there are so many variations. The idea behind it is to present several items or dishes that go together well.

They are used often for appetizers or meze presentations but I have seen and made plenty where it is a whole dinner or in my case brunch!

How to make Charcuterie Board?

I often create charcuterie platter out of items I need to get rid of quickly – bread that might be getting hard or bacon that is nearing its expiration date.

Here are all the ingredients you need for my Valentine’s Day Brunch Charcuterie Board:

First, start with the spreads and dips. You should have at least one. Check these out:

Then add any type of bread you want. It can be crackers, croutons, sourdough bites, or pita triangles, like mine.

To make the pita triangles all you need is pita bread and a large pan. Heat the pitas on both sides in the pan and cut in little triangles.

Unless you are going for vegan or vegetarian board, add some protein, like salami or pepperoni. Proscuitto is my usual go-to for charcuterie boards.
I made bacon since I was going for a brunch platter. Make sure to make the bacon in the oven so it doesn’t come out very greasy.

I also added boiled eggs. Place 3-4 eggs in water and bring to boil. Cover with a lid and keep in there for about 13 minutes. It is important your eggs are fully boiled so they can be cut nicely.

Last, but definitely my favorite part, fill the empty gaps with fruit and veggies. You can get creative and add edible flowers, or herbs. I often use nuts and crackers.

How to assemble a Charcuterie Board?

The beautiful thing about charcuterie boards is that they are so fun to assemble! Make sure you have everything cooked and things like dips are plated before you use them on the board.

Pick your board – I often use my cutting boards because they are big and flat. A large plate or platter works well as well.

Start with the spreads and dips. The whole idea of the charcuterie board is sharing so place more than one if possible.

Then add the eggs, the bacon (or any protein you use), and fill the gaps with the veggies and fruits.

Again, make sure there is a little bit of everything all over the board so people can reach all items without reaching or walking to the other side.
And that’s pretty much everything! Don’t be afraid to get creative! There is really no wrong way! I assume we all agree by now that charcuterie boards are amazing! They are perfect for any occasion!

And while they can get expensive with all the cheeses and meats, there is always something you have in your fridge that can be used in one.

Have fun assembling your Valentine’s Day Brunch Charcuterie Board and enjoy it!