Hello everyone! Welcome to The Pineapple Cooks! We are Bryant and Hristina, the dynamic duo behind the lens in this foodie photography studio based in Chicago! Our passion for food and capturing its uniqueness turned from a hobby into a family business into which we pour our love, hard work, and creativity!

On an average day, you can find us in our studio capturing images and video content for clients. When we are not creating we are exploring the enormous food scene around town or traveling the world. We often spend summers away from home learning new cultures and capturing amazing experiences!

I, Hristina, am a passionate food stylist and prop artist that pushes the boundaries of food! I have an enormous collection of props and I love all of them equally! Bryant is a video wiz and the creative brain behind our content! He geeks over his video gear and grows his skillset on a daily basis! Together, we create content for brands, small businesses, and individuals! We focus on telling a visual story through color and symmetry.

Interested in our work? Take a look at our ever-changing portfolio! Ready to connect? Say hello! We would love to hear from you!