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Don’t settle for average and boring photos. The Pineapple Cooks will produce high-quality, story-driven images for your brand to show off your amazing products and services. Contact us today!

Restaurant Photography

As restaurant professionals, we know how important it is to have a menu and website full of mouth-watering images. Our hospitality expertise, combined with the ability to produce deliciously looking and appetizing images will take your restaurant menu, website, and social media images to the next level! See for yourself –> take a look at our portfolio here.

lamb rice bowl

Product Photography

As Food & Product Photographers, we shoot bright and colorful images. However, we are completely equipped to produce dark and moody images as well. Whatever your vision is, we can create creative and irresistible images for your brand and product.

Recipe Development

Whether you want your product featured in a foolproof recipe and captured in a mouthwatering image or you are writing an amazing cookbook and need help with an interesting and innovative recipe, we got you! We can develop and capture recipes to represent specifically you and your brand.

lamb rice bowl

Photography and Content for Bloggers

Are you a busy food blogger focused on SEO and other algorithms? We are here to help and take some of the stress off your shoulders! I can help with creating new images and content for your blog while you can focus on growing your business.

Clients Love our Work

“She is incredible. Her staging skills are far too good for Fiverr. She is trustworthy and competent.” – Drinkpod Inc

“We hired Hristina to photoshoot our brand new restaurant menu. Hristina gave us the option to be involved as much as we wanted but in all honesty, I only looked at the finished product and we loved it. Thanks to Hristina’s work, we have increased customers’ curiosity and business has been great after that! We will have her work for us throughout several events for our restaurant. We highly recommend her ability to photoshoot your menu, it’s professional and super fun! ” – Erika from El Xangarito Mexican Restaurant

“Hristina was helpful in creating beautiful photos to help promote our products on our website and on social media. Thank you Hristina for your professionalism and awesome work! ” – Erin from Yellow Dog Wood Shop

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